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Hula (auana) is currently known as a dance performed in Hawai'i. The hula uses the dancers swaying hips and graceful hand motions to imitate nature and tell stories.

'Hula: The dance of the Hawaiians

Although there are many types of Polynesian dance, hula, is the dance form of the Hawaiian islands.

Originally performed solely by men (ha'a) as a part of worship, hula is the dance of the Hawaiian culture.

Hula is now, commonly known as "just" a dance, but it is part of our culture. Hula encompasses not only the dance but also weapon making, implement making and use, costume making and very important, a code of ethics for the practitioners.

Before there was any written language, hula and its chants kept the Native Hawaiians connected to their gods, history, genealogy, mythology and culture.

Today, the culture lives on and is of course practiced by both men and women. Every movement of the dancers feet and entire body as well as expressions and hand gestures still tell stories of the land, life and culture.

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